EPISKEY Pet Hair Remover Brush

EPISKEY Pet Hair Remover Brush – Sided Lint Brush with Self – Cleaning Base Lint Brush – Fur & Lint Removal for Clothes Furniture Car Seat Couch Remover Magic Clean Clothing,Furniture (Multicoloured)

  • Two removers include a travel kit that perfect to keep in your bag or car. The compact size has all the same features of the standard-sized fur remover
  • Double-sided, extra-large lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush.Multi-Functional: Perfectly used on variety of surfaces, including sofa, car seats, felt pad, plush toys, clothes. Removes pet hairs from shirts, trousers, sweaters and more surfaces which are difficult to vacuum.
  • One dip in the self-cleaning base removes pet hair from the Fur lint remover.Quick cleanups of your clothes on your traveling. Includes pet fur remover, self-cleaning base, and travel size pet fur remover
  • Convenient & Effective: Double sided action cleans and one dip clean up quickly, the fur remover can remove dust, pet fur, hair and clothing fiber easily, let your clothes always look brand-new
  • Included Fur Cleaning Brush, self-cleaning base, and travel size Fur brush.Comfortable: Designed with soft rubber tips to gently fix nasty tangles and mats while lifting dirt and dust from the pet fur massage gloves.

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